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touch isn’t really touch until you learn there’s more to it than what you can feel with your hands.
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This is so cute 😍😍😍
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This is so cute 😍😍😍

He swept in like a tsunami, wave after wave & I didn’t stand a chance. All those warnings, all the things they tried to prepare me for- lost in an instant to the enormity of what i felt.
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- What do you want, woman?
- I want more fingers, so I can point with all of them at you, and scream : This is my lover!
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You keep telling me to be glad for what we had while we had it. That the brightest flame burns quickest. Which means you saw us as a candle. And I saw us as the sun.
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The last thing he said to me was ‘Just promise me one thing. Promise me you won’t date another dick like me because I’m an asshole and I know it.’

This isn’t some fucking Nicholas Sparks book, don’t try to make the fact you were awful to me into some sort of sweet goodbye. If you know you’re an asshole then do something about it. No one deserves to be with someone who knows they’re treating you like shit, but doesn’t care enough to change.

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Were you worth all this confusion?
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One thing I have learned,
is that it is impossible
to love you
To love you, one must love
madly, insanely & hopelessly.
You must be entirely
out of your mind.
Because that’s exactly
what it means to love.
To be mad, insane & hopeless.
Love broken down / E.V evwriting (via evwriting)
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